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  ①I have but one lamp by which my feed are guided. 我只有一盏指路明灯。
  ②It was so with the vast railroad yards with the crowded array of vessels she saw in the river. 火车站广大场地,河里鳞次梯比船只,她也同样不能理解。
  ③Before following her in her round of seeking, let us look at the sphare in which her future was to lie. 我们暂且把她找寻工作事搁下来不谈,先看一看她前途所寄托这个世界。
  ④...and the thread which bound her so lightly to girlhood and home were irretrievably broken ……而那些把她和少女时代以及故乡轻轻系住柔丝,不得不就此断绝了。

  ①The lungs are subjecd to several diseases which are treatable by surgery. 肺易受几种疾病侵袭,但均可经手术治疗。
  ②A little way on she saw a great door which, for some reason, attracted her attention. 又走了一些路,她看见一个大门,不知怎,引起了她注意。
  ③As a result, a hum of gossip was set going which moved about the house in that secret manner common to gossip. 结果就造成一阵闲话,暗中在公寓里流传,闲话一般都是如此。
  ④A will had been made which divide the small tax –eaten property equally among the remaining four, so that it was really of no interest to any of them. 遗嘱已立好,把这片快要给税吃光薄产平分给四个孩子,但谁都对此不感兴趣。

  ①At dimmer I found myself placed between Mrs. Bradly, and a shy drab girl who seemed even younger than the other. 席间,我发现自己坐在布拉得雷太太和一腼腆乏味女孩子中间;她看上去比其余人都年轻。
  ②A writer--in fact every one of us in life--needs that loving-mother force from which all creation flows... 一个作家——实际上生活中每个人——都需要慈母力量,它是创造一切源泉。
  ③Man possesses an expressive faculty that goes far beyond gestures, that allows and even compels him to express his thoughts, feedings, dreams, and inituitions. 人类具有远远超过于手势表达官能,这种官能不仅使人能够,而且使他要把思想、感情、幻梦、直觉表达出来。

  He insisted on building another house which he had no use for.
  ①I think it will grow even on non-irrlgated land where there is a forest belt. 我想即使在没有灌溉土地上,只要有一条树林带,苜蓿还是会生长。(表条件)
  ②In a personed sense, I think of my eldest daughter, whose birthday is today. 就个人来讲,我想到我大女儿,因为今天是她生日。(表原因)

  ①He paid that peculiar deferente to women which every member of the sex appreciates. 他对女性殷勤令每个女人所赏识。
  ②What were the hopes and dreams that had made of them the incredibly stubborn warriors?是什么希望,什么目标,什么理想使他们成为顽强到令人难以置信战士呢?
  翻译英语There be 句型和带定语从句复合句时,常用溶合法。溶合法就是把原主句主语同定语从句溶合在一起而译成独立句方法。溶合法要求改变句子构造形式。具体作法是,将原主句词或词组用作独立句主语,再将定语从句用作谓语,这样便译成独立句,如①将He paid that peculiar deference to women 压缩译为“他对女性殷勤”而定语从句“which every member of the sex appreciates”译为谓语“令每个女人所常识”。

  ①I also found on the ground near the tracks of the lamed groups of ants which were rulling grains of corn. 我还看见骆驼脚印边有许多蚂蚁在拖玉米粒。
  ②He did not find any one in the house who particularly cared to see. 他认为家里没有人特别想知道。

  ①Wait a minute, said the boss, and he opened the load and took out a ham, which he started to bone and string up. “等一会儿!”老板说道,说罢便打开火腿包,拿出一只,开始剔骨头,并用绳子缚起来。(省主语)
  ②Carrie reached home in high good spirits,which she could scarely conceal. 嘉莉兴高采烈地回到家,想掩饰也掩饰不住。(省主语)

  ①...from his vest dangled a real gold watch chain, from which was suspended the secret insignia of the Order of Elks……背心上荡着一根精致金表链,链上系着“共进会”徽章。
  ②He came within the meaning of a still newer term, which had sprung into general use among Americans in 1880... 他其实适合于一个更新名词,那个名词1880年在美国人中突然流行起来……

  ①It has long been my wish to encounter one of the oldest civilizations in earth. I have come amidst you from Egypt, On the banks of the Nile, which also has a most ancient civilization. 我一直向往着要同世界最古老文明会晤。尼罗河畔埃及也有着最古老文明,我正是从那里来到你们中间。
  ②You‘ve given Feldstyn, who dislikes me any how, the chance he was waiting for. 费尔德丁反正讨厌我,你给他机会正是他求之不得。

  ①These actions, which have aroused universal and unreserved disapproval, must nevertheless give us a pause. 这些行动,虽已激起普遍而毫不掩饰反对,却也使我们举棋不定。(表让步)
  ②In a dispute between two states with which one is friendly, try not to get involved. 在两国发生争端时,如与该两国皆友好,则应避免卷入。(表条件)。
  ③Copper, which is used so widely for carrying electricity, offers very little resistance. 铜电阻很小,因此被广泛用于输电。(表结果)

  As I came in, Gus Meyer, who owned the taxicad that used to stand at the corner of our street, waved to me from a table. 我进去时,那个开出租汽车古司.买耶坐在一张桌子那里向我招手,他车子经常就停在我们街角上。非限制性定语从句主要是译成并列分句、独立句和状语从句这几种形式,这与它作用——仅是对先行项提供一些补充说明——有关。难怪《新编英语语法》(修定本)指出:在意义上,非限制性定语从句相当于一个并列分句,可以完全脱离主句而独立出现。

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